Sexists and racists are not dumb

Dear anti-sexist, anti-racist comrades. Don’t call people dumb because they are sexist, racist or otherwise violent or bigoted. Intelligence has nothing to with this; class, (mis)education and growing up in this society does, as well as general evilness of individuals.

Equaling oppression and violence with lack of intelligence is ableist and missing the point. It suggests that if everyone was smart, there would be no sexism or racism. Instead, these systemic oppressions are political constructs without which the imperialist capitalist patriarchy would not be able to function. So, instead of calling the “piemel dudes” dumb, call them: embodiments and outbursts of a system that thrives on the exploitation of the masses and the marginalisation of minorities. Shortly translated as: hypocrite sexist racist assholes.

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