Riots are not cool but inevitable

I don’t understand when people support riots but they don’t support taking political power. Like, do you actually want to keep living under the terror of capitalism, but with a little bit of resistance every now and then? As riots escalates, like in the past few months in France, people learn how to organise and fight more effectively. This experience is indispensable in the next step: a strategic people’s war aimed at taking political power. Without this, we will never be able to pursue our dreams of liberating the people. Without political power the dreams stay dreams. This is not only a failure on our side, it’s very dangerous, as it paves the way for various forms of fascism.

This is why we support riots: because they are the naked, rough expressions of anger the oppressed people whom everything is denied, who have nothing to lose but their chains. Because it is a necessary (first) step towards a higher level of political struggle. Riots themselves will always lose, however. They will never be able to bring about any change bigger than a reform. This is for the simple fact that the enemy is way better organised and has way more resources than an unorganised, spontaneously inflamed manifestation of collective anger on the streets. Despite this, a lot of people seem to support riots because they look cool. Adventurism is not going to liberate the people though.

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