Beyond the slogan “refugees welcome”: do we have anything other than moral statements?

In the whole miserable ‘refugee debate’, the left should focus on capitalism as the problem, rather than bluntly stating that refugees are welcome. “Refugees welcome” is the trap the (extreme) right put us in. The trap of indeed not having a sufficient answer to the problems the working class faces.

Over and over the right comes with bullshit arguments, but we’ve got to acknowledge that their arguments have a material basis: the exploitation of the working class. Where they right: health care, housing, food, education etc have become unaffordable. Where they are wrong: refugees and Muslims and “leftist” government (oh please) as the cause of that. Even though their analysis sucks it’s a strong one: it identifies the problem and seems to provides a solution. The only thing we are countering that with is an abstract statement about what is morally right. This shows the failure of the left.

The fact of the matter is that the working class is being fucked over by budget cuts and raising prices on many fronts. And with the complete lack of any even remotely leftist narrative about capitalism as the cause of that, the first instinctive reaction in a white supremacist society to this situation is to blame the people from “outside”: Muslims, refugees. Even some people who came here as a refugee a longer time ago are opposed to accepting new refugees. Right winged and extreme right winged politicians and groups get a grip of the working class without any difficulty or struggle whatsoever.

Genuine class struggle should unite all working class against the exploiter, in stead of the exploited. That means a genuine class struggle is anti-racist and anti-sexist. It also means we should focus on the material aspects rather than moral ones. This we should do while building those organisations that are lacking, while building power among the most oppressed and exploited in this society.

(And then we overthrow the bourgeoisie and then we establish socialism and then we establish communism and then everything is finally chill.)