Organize among the targets of white supremacy

Fascist Wilders is going to hand out a sort-of-pepperspray to women in some village as a disgusting publicity stunt, capitalizing on the newest wave of racist anti-refugee sentiment, this time cloaked as “feminism”. It’s one of the oldest lies of white supremacy, that white people are not safe anymore with black people and people of colour around. Wilders is making the very classical move of the oppressor framing themself as the victim.

The white supremacist riots in Heesch last Monday and in Geldermalsen recently, the dozens of nazi rallies in the past few months, the police, municipality and media protection of Pegida fascists, the countless swastika sprayings and horrible provocative dead-pig-placements – they all show that the people who really need the pepperspray are black people, people of colour and Muslims. They are the primary target of the white supremacist violence, the kind of violence that has been deadly since white supremacy was born, the kind of violence that has built the Western nation states, the kind of violence that is now reproducing in the form of (un)organized fascist attacks on individuals on the streets. Fascism is not on the rise anymore; it is out in the open, it’s accepted or ignored by the people in power and it’s gaining violent force on the ground. This violence will result in deaths in not too long.

All this is fucking scary. But I have hopes too. Oppressed people will not just sit still when they’re under attack; they will not wait for things to blow over; they will not trust hypocrite politicians to represent them or the equally racist state to protect them. They are bound to stand up and organize themselves. Things like self-defense networks will emerge, groups will form. Although it’s a logical and necessary reaction to this situation, it won’t happen out of the blue. People need to put their time and energy in it. We as antifascists should be catalysts of this organizing.

The fascists may have seized this moment, this year, the next year. It may get worse and worse. But after that it’s our turn. During those years we will have organized on a mass scale, we will have grown and gained experience. And we will have created enough power to destroy fascism, vigorously and without mercy.

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

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